Guest Speakers

This year’s speakers will be: 

Camille Malucci 
Dawn Duran
Cindy Rollins

What We Explore

  • Poetry
  • Bible
  • Music
  • Books
  • Art
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What we'll cover


Carol of the Field Mice
by Kenneth Grahame

Weekly Poetry to be announced


Psalm 30


Joy in the Morning
by P.G. Wodehouse  (Also titled Jeeves in the Morning)
Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare
Weekly Essays to be announced


Classical Ballets:
Swan Lake  Part 1
Swan Lake Part 2
Romeo and Juliet Part 1
Romeo and Juliet Part 2 
The Firebird
Weekly hymn
Weekly folk song


The Great Recognition
I'd love to spend some time with you this summer!

Hi! I’m Cindy – an author, encourager, and a mom.

I homeschooled nine children for over 30 years using Charlotte Mason’s timeless ideas. As I gathered my family for Morning Time on a regular basis, I realized that the routine had become a regular practice & pattern that carried love and life to my children. The things I discovered in Morning Time were the very best things, and those things have proven to endure in their hearts as well as mine.

Over five weeks, we’ll build community together with Morning Time (a regular gathering focused on remembering – Scripture, songs, poetry, works of music, art & stories). As I like to say, community is something we build while we’re doing other things. While we’re doing the work of learning, growing & being a part of one another’s lives, a community grows with a shared common culture. 

I hope that while we’re together we can see one another in different seasons of our lives, be an example to one another and help one another, hold one another as we adapt to change as women.

I look forward to a great time of discipleship with you this summer!

How it works

When you join:

  • I will add you to the class email list.
  • You will be invited to both our Facebook page (makes discussion and interaction very easy) & Canvas for non-Facebook users.

In a couple weeks:

  • You will receive our 30 Day Reading List and other goodies.
  • On June 2nd, we will begin our reading plan and interact on the platforms daily with new poems and lots of chances for discussion.

During the 5 weeks:

  • Every Tuesday, we will have a teaching time on Zoom with a guest speaker or myself. 
  • On Fridays, we will often have Zoom meetings to discuss our readings for the week.
  • The Zoom sessions will be available afterwards for those who can’t make it until at least September 2024.
  • Guest Speakers include: Camille Malucci & Dawn Duran.
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See you this summer!

Photos by Aaron Burden on Unsplash