A Reasoned patriotism - A citizenship webinar with dawn duran

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In today’s media-driven world of fast-paced information saturation, people are losing their ability to think critically about issues of the day. In addition, confusion abounds in our culture regarding patriotism and love of country. While some possess a fashionable disdain for their nation, others believe that America can do no wrong. Neither position is a balanced one. Is there a better way?

Join us for this “live or later” event in which Dawn will present two talks on the topic of citizenship. In Friday evening’s talk we will explore what a study of citizenship looks like in a Charlotte Mason education with an emphasis on what Charlotte referred to as a “reasoned patriotism.” In Saturday morning’s talk we will dive into the importance of being citizens who think critically about the “opinions in the air” that surround us, and who demonstrate discernment when considering the ideas of the day.



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Dawn and her family live on a military installation near Washington, D.C. As the wife of a soldier living in such close proximity to our nation’s capital, and in the process of homeschooling her sons, Dawn has developed a love of Plutarch and all things related to Citizenship.

Prior to taking on her most prized role as a stay-at-home wife and homeschooling mother, Dawn worked as a physical therapist, which inspired her to create Swedish Drill Revisited to assist homeschool families effectively embrace a forgotten form of physical education. She is currently an adjunct instructor for Purdue University Global, where she teaches in the Department of Health Sciences.

Dawn feels blessed to have encountered the philosophy of Charlotte Mason prior to her children reaching school age and has been immersed in Mason’s methods for more than 10 years.